Aquarium delivery and services

I want to take a moment to thank you for working with us and appreciate the team you sent to work on our pool. They are hard working, efficient and respectful. Most of what we appreciated is their consideration of the company they work for as they were very conscious of any charges that the company was going to be responsible and were not
at all wasteful. You have two good men in your team and we want to thank you for sending them.
Swimming Pool Waterproofing, Concrete Rebates Repair and Side Windows Installation Project

Rita M. VIP Villa, New Jersey, USA
Aquarium delivery and services

We have found the members of Aqualife and their subcontractors to be fully cooperative during the design phase and the delivery phase. They delivered the project in conformance with our documentation and specifications. They have solved on-site conditions and they have been fair in considering changes and additional work. Moreover they have co-operated with Clients and Building authorities and they have generally delivered work of exceptional quality. In addition, they kept responding to problems after commissioning, which often are beyond the requirements of standard warranty. Consequently we would be pleased to recommend Aqualife for future projects.
View here Promontorio Recommendation Letter.

Pedro Maria Appleton.
Infinity Swimming Pool Acrylic Panel - Installation Cairo | AqualifeRCast acrylic pool in Athens VIP Villa FinishedSkyscraper swimming pool

Three New Swimming Pool Projects from Aqualife

Three new projects have been added to the Aqualife Projects Page The main subject of all three projects is the acrylic panel installation and the swimming pool waterproofing. Each project has its own particularities regarding the size, the shape or…

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fountain animation

Aqualife animation fountain rendering proposals

Animated fountain Proposals Aqualife was invited to make two proposals for animated fountains. Both projects include tranquil and smooth fountains because they are supposed to be in an interior space and surrounded by people. You can watch the video renderings…

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Ocean Aquarium Cyprus

Ocean Aquarium in Cyprus

We were awarded to remodel the exhibits and the wet decorative and to overhaul the Life Support System of the Ocean Aquarium in Cyprus. View more information on the project page here.

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